Reach Orthodontics is pleased to offer self-ligating braces as a treatment option designed to help you reach your smile goals faster and with high-quality results. Dr. Hatcher has a high level of experience correcting orthodontic conditions with the In-OvationR® and In-OvationC®, self-ligating braces system. The self-ligating braces system can be used to treat the same orthodontic conditions as traditional metal braces.

Reach Orthodontics also offers a ceramic bracket for self-ligating braces which blends in with your natural tooth color. Many patients choose the clear, ceramic brackets for a more discreet treatment option.

How Do Self-Ligating Braces Work?

Self-ligating braces are placed on the teeth in the same way that traditional metal braces are placed. Each bracket has a special slide mechanism that holds the archwire in place so there is no need for elastics. The slide mechanism creates less friction between the bracket and the wire and provides a consistent amount of force on the teeth throughout orthodontic treatment. This advantage allows patients to obtain a beautiful, healthy smile a little sooner than traditional braces.

Benefits of Self-Ligating Braces

With tie-less, self-ligating braces, patients can experience many benefits that make this treatment the right choice for a busy lifestyle. Some benefits of self-ligating braces system include:

  • More efficient tooth movement
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Fewer orthodontic visits
  • Greater comfort for the patient
  • Brackets are smaller and less noticeable
  • Better hygiene