LEAP AcademyDr. Hatcher and Reach Orthodontics partner with many local charities every year.  These partnership allow Reach Orthodontics to give to the community that supports them and their efforts to provide dental and orthodontic care to under-served populations around the world.  

Dr. Hatcher makes it his personal mission to use Reach Orthodontics as a conduit to provide help for those in need.  This month our blog is being used to highlight LEAP Academy and their mission to teach young children the skills and self esteem to overcome adverse personal circumstances.

What is LEAP Academy?

LEAP Academy is a nonprofit support program offered in elementary schools in Northern Alabama.  Their goal is to ensure that children learn the guiding principles of respect and responsibility early so that they can succeed in all stages of their education and lives.

How does LEAP Academy serve?

LEAP Academy starts with a 2-week summer camp style program that teaches kids the fundamentals of responsibility and respect.  During that time, the children are given the tools they need to make good decisions.

The students who participate in LEAP Academy participate in small groups, service projects and excursions designed to help them find the things about which they are passionate.  These students then take the skills they have learned into their own schools so they can reach more students who will learn these same principles from them.

LEAP Academy’s goal is to ensure that these students, who are at risk for leaving school without finishing their educations, have the self confidence and skills needed to change their lives.  LEAP Academy knows that by instilling the core principles of self respect, responsibility, leadership and love for others into these young students, their lives will change and they will carry these lessons for a lifetime.

How can I help?

LEAP Academy is funded solely through the donations of generous sponsors, both corporate and individual.  Any level of support helps keep the program available for all. Volunteers are also needed to provide experiences for participating students during their excursions.


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