inspired arts partner in givingDr. Hatcher and Reach Orthodontics partner with many local charities every year.  These partnerships allow Reach Orthodontics to give to the community that supports them and their efforts to provide dental and orthodontic care to under-served populations around the world.  

Dr. Hatcher makes it his personal mission to use Reach Orthodontics as a conduit to provide help for those in need.  This month our blog is being used to highlight Inspired Arts and their mission to provide teenagers a place to explore the arts with the support of local artists and performers.

Who is Inspired Arts?

Established in 2015, Inspired Arts began as a Girl Scout Gold Award project for creator Alexandra Bolton, who wanted to provide art and performance education for teenagers as an avenue to build self esteem through successful completion of a performance.

How does Inspired Arts impact our teenagers?

Inspired Arts holds an annual summer camp that allows participants to use their creativity to hone their individual craft.  Theater, dance and visual artists participate in the annual camp, which provides meals and instruction by artists and performance professionals free of charge.

Inspired Arts holds the belief that the arts and participation in them has a direct impact on teenagers ability to create over their lifetime, and on their self esteem and self confidence.  Allowing teenagers a creative outlet and encouraging them to participate by opening their minds and emotions to artistic differences provides teenagers a safe place to understand their emotions and to become confident in creating and sharing their own art.

How can I help?

Inspired Arts programs are run largely with volunteers and interns.  While all are welcome to apply to volunteer, theater, dance and visual arts professionals are greatly needed for the program’s successful continuation.  


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