How does a service like Smiles Direct Club stand up to professional orthodontist treatment?

You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted. It feels like there are a million options when it comes to getting your smile right. Where do you even begin? We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll answer:

  • What Is Smiles Direct Club?
  • How Is Smiles Direct Club different from traditional orthodontist work?
  • How to determine if you need professional orthodontist work or a minor adjustment.
  • How do direct-mail invisible retainers work?
  • How much does Smiles Direct Club cost?

What Is Smiles Direct Club?

Professionally supervised invisible teeth aligners, such as Invisalign, are an effective and appealing alternative to traditional braces in some cases. Smiles Direct Club and similar services are different from proven aligner treatments in one major way: they bypass the dental professional and sell the service directly to consumers. Many believe they’re a quick and easy replacement to traditional orthodontic care, but are they really?

  • Do mail-order aligners get the same results as supervised orthodontic care?
  • Smiles Direct Club bypasses dental professionals—is that a good thing?
  • At-home aligner systems can only fix minor tooth discrepancies.

How Is Smiles Direct Club different from traditional orthodontist work?

Smiles Direct Club doesn’t immediately say this, but they can not make major changes that many users are often looking for. The company uses a vetting process that you have to pay for, to make sure they’re able to correct clients’ specific teeth misalignments. But, it’s important to note: their services do not have the ability to do what braces, or professionally supervised aligner treatments, can do.

Traditionally, an orthodontist will perform an examination to assess your specific situation. There isn’t a case they can’t solve, because the resources and answers are endless. If the orthodontist sees that your case can be corrected by simple aligner treatment, he or she will advise so. Otherwise, the professionals will create a plan, often with options, to satisfy your requirements of time, cost and involvement.

  • Smiles Direct Club uses a vetting process to determine if they can solve your case.
  • They can not do what braces or professionally supervised aligner treatments can do.
  • Orthodontists offer personal assessments and create individualized treatment plans to address your specific needs regarding time, cost and involvement.

Do I need professional orthodontist work or a minor adjustment?

Many orthodontists provide a free consultation to assess your needs. Understanding if your situation is minor enough to be corrected by clear aligner treatment is your first step.

See if you need clear retainers or traditional orthodontist work.

Do you want a 100% free initial examination?

How do direct mail invisible retainers work?

  1. Clients apply and send in photos taken at home to be approved
  2. They’ll send back trays for the client to make their own molds at home. This step may take time if they send trays that do not fit well.
  3. They’ll use the molds clients made at home as the basis for making the aligners to mail back to the client every month. This step may take time because they have to create each retainer.
  4. Clients wear the aligners as instructed for 24 months, paying on average $2,300

What about the cost?

On average, you’ll end up paying $2,300 for the basic package. According to Smiles Direct Club, you pay $250 down and then $85/month for 24 months. In the end, it’ll total up to $2,300 or more after shipping, taxes, and fees.

Many orthodontists have developed similar aligner packages at similar costs with the following advantages:

  • An experienced orthodontist is making the initial assessment, not a technician
  • An experienced orthodontist is following the progress of the treatment
  • If things don’t go as planned, there is an office of people determined to help
  • Insurance can sometimes be filed to help with the cost.