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Dear Reach Orthodontics Family,

On January 4, 2023, Reach Orthodontics will become Gibson Orthodontics.  We have been in talks with Dr. Matthew Gibson for over a year and have recently worked out the details for him to take over the practice as the owner/operator.  As you already know, our team has worked with Dr. Gibson for 4 months and many of our patients have been able to meet and work with him also.   He has been well received by both the team and our patients.

Dr. Hatcher will continue to work in the practice on a more limited basis.  He will continue to introduce Dr. Gibson to our patients and work with him to understand the individual treatment plans for patients who are in the middle of their orthodontic treatment.  In addition, all of the familiar team faces you have come to know and love will remain in the practice.   Of course over time some things will change, but the team, the ones who really make the magic happen, will be here in their same roles.

In 2016, Dr. Hatcher incorporated his practice as Reach Orthodontics the fulfillment of an idea God placed on his heart. He created a business model that sustained the practice and allowed for generous contributions to Reach Partners. Using the profits from the practice we were able to Reach Out to the under-served locally and around the world.  The acquiring of Reach Orthodontics by Dr. Gibson marks the end of Reach Orthodontics and the contributions to our Reach Partners. We are all humbled to say we did reach our God-sized goal of $ 1 million in contributions to partners since 2016.  We are equally humbled by the ways our contributions were able to make differences in the lives of those in need in so many areas.   

For some of our patients and their families this change will be hard.  Our team has always been committed to great orthodontic care.  Please know we are still around and are still committed to great orthodontic care.

As Dr. Hatcher always says when folks are close to getting their braces off, “even good things must come to an end.”  For him, raising a family with his amazing wife, being part of the community and faith community, being an orthodontist in Madison, working with his outstanding team, working with so many wonderful patients and families, and ultimately the mission of Reach Orthodontics has been a “very good thing that also must come to an end.”

May God Bless You All,

The Reach Orthodontics Team