Clear Or Metal: Which Kind Of Braces Should I Choose?

reach orthodontics self ligating bracesSo, you’ve decided to get braces. Excellent! You’ve made one of the most beneficial decisions for your oral health and your future. Now the next question is, What type of traditional braces do you want? Never before have there been so many options in orthodontic treatment, and more options are coming by the day. Dr. Hatcher of Reach Orthodontics can provide so many options when it comes to braces, that it really can be hard to choose!
Today we’ll be illustrating the similarities, differences, and benefits of the two traditional wire braces treatments: metal and clear.

Metal Braces
Metal braces are the most common type of braces and more comfortable than ever before. When someone uses the term braces, these are probably what you think of: steel squares fitted to the teeth housing a metal wire. This wire is what creates the constant pressure on the teeth, causing gradual and safe shifting to form your new perfect smile.


  • Smaller and more efficient This means less irritation on the lips and gums, so before long you’ll forget they’re even there
  • Numerous aesthetic options From colored brackets to elastics, brighten your smile and show off your vibrant personality


  • Visibility. At the end of the day, traditional metal braces are the most noticeable option on your smile.

Clear Braces
Your second option for a traditional style braces treatment is clear braces. Clear braces function exactly like metal braces, but rather than stainless steel, these brackets are made of durable clear plastic.


  • Nearly invisible! This option is very popular among teen and adult patients because of their low visibility on your teeth. With these beauties, your teeth are still the most visible feature of your mouth and smile. Someone really has to pay attention to spot these braces.


  • Higher Maintenance. With a great smile comes great responsibility. Clear braces’ brackets are larger than their metal counterparts, and they require more vigilant cleaning and oral health to keep them undamaged and working hard for you. Now, we believe you can do it, of course. We’re just letting you know that your orthodontists oral hygiene instructions are an absolute must with Clear Braces.

The Verdict
It’s all about you. All about what you want out of your orthodontic treatment and what you are most comfortable with. And Reach Orthodontics is here to help you every step of the way. We want you to have the comfortable and confident smile you’ve always wanted, and we want you to have the best experience possible during your treatment on your way to that smile. So talk to your orthodontist. Let them get to know you, let them know what you want (and don’t want, that’s important too) so that you can work together to get your best smile! Contact us at (256) 772 – 0041 for a complimentary consultation to get started!